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At Finance Matters we believe that our provision of financial advice can add significant value. It is because of this belief that we provide a mortgage service that does much more than simply choose the cheapest price.

Choosing the right mortgage can be a long, complicated and stressful process. We ensure you get approval first time with the least amount hassle.

Our commitment to customer service is further reflected in our flexibility for meeting our clients- we are available at a time that suits you and your work pattern, which may be in the evening or at a location that works for you.

The Mortgage Purchase Process

  • Identify your unique requirements.
  • Provide a clear and simple explanation of any confusing terminology.
  • Conduct initial research to create lender shortlist.
  • Undertake a market analysis considering:
    • Interest Rates.
    • Speed of Processing.
    • Financial Strength.
    • Customer Service Ethic.
    • Other Costs.
  • Assisting you in completing the Mortgage Application.
  • Positioning your application for approval.
  • Identifying and overcoming any sticking points.
  • Selecting appropriate lenders based on up to the minute market analysis.
  • Submitting your application.
  • Confirming receipt by lender.
  • Follow up service to keep your application on track.
  • Dealing with any issues as they arise.
  • Managing the lender / solicitor interaction.
  • Organize valuation of new property
  • Assist if surveyor is required
  • Communicating with your solicitor directly
  • Keeping the solicitor on track
  • Managing the solicitor/ lender interaction
  • Contracts are countersigned by the seller.
  • We manage solicitor/lender interaction.
  • We co-ordinate your Life Assurance and Home Insurance requirements to ensure lender receives the relevant policy documents 10 days in advance of closing.
  • We continue to communicate with the lender to make sure any other outstanding items are received on time.
  • Managing the completion process in that stressful final 24 hours.
  • Minimising the stress involved at the last hurdle.
  • We ensure that funds issued from the lender are on time for your specified completion date.
  • We minimise the stress involved at the final hurdle.
  • You get your keys and move in to your new home!
  • The first full mortgage repayment is usually scheduled for approximately 1 month later.
  • We continue to be available for advice at any stage not only during the term of your loan but also after you have moved.

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