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Retirement Planning

  • When you get to Retirement, what will life look like for you?
  •   How many trips, holidays or weekends away do you want?
      What type of car do you want to drive?
      Where do you want to live?

    We can help you understand the plans you need to put in place to secure the lifestyle you want.

Whether you are a Company or an Individual, considering starting a pension or reviewing an existing one, two things you must bear in mind are Transparency and Understanding.

  • People think Pensions are complicated, they are not:
  • What makes pensions seem complicated, are the charging structures that most participants in the industry use. These multiple levels of charges make the investment process hard to understand.

  • At Finance Matters it is different:
  • When you use Finance Matters to arrange your new Pension Plan or switch/transfer your existing pension plan it is simple.
    Typically, there are no :

    • Bid/Offer spreads
    • Early encashment charges
    • Policy fees
    • Initial commissions
    • Initial charging units
  • There is one simple charge: the annual management fee.
  • This is typically 1% per annum. That includes our charge and the insurance company’s charge for managing your fund.

What could be easier to understand than that?!

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