Our mission is to help our clients secure & protect the lifestyle they want.

About Financial Planning

Here is how we help:

  1. We gather information about you, your family and business
  2. We get an understanding of the things you want in life, the lifestyle you want
  3. We analyse your current position and develop solutions.
  4. We recommend an action plan to achieve the things you want.
  5. We help you implement the plan
  6. We monitor and review your plan on a regular basis.

Aspects of a plan would be:

  • Saving to accumulate assets towards your life goals and retirement through savings, investments and pension policies
  • Planning through re-structuring every day finances.
  • Tax Planning – estimated tax position, general tax guidance and principles. All taxation decisions should be made in conjunction with a tax professional.
  • Estate Planning – Wealth transfer to the next generation. Planning for Wills etc. in conjunction with your Solicitor.
  • Risk management – educating a client so they understand all of the risks involved in their particular financial world.
  • Target life events as goals to plan towards; weddings, holidays, school and university fees, crèche fees, income in retirement etc.
  • Cash Flow Planning can be done manually or with software to set out:
    • Where you are now
    • Where you need to get to
    • What can happen along the way
  • Annual reviews are conducted to update the plan to take in to account any change in circumstances or legislation.

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