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About Investment Planning

  •   No matter where you hold money, there is always risk.
  •   Monies held on deposit hold the risk of losing real buying power through inflation.
  •   Monies invested in Shares are subject to the volatility of the stock markets.


To understand a person’s risk profile, we bring them through our  NCT RISK ASSESSMENT
It is the combination of these three factors that determines our recommendation for your strategy:

  • Need for Risk

    We analyse the numbers to calculate how much growth is needed for you to achieve your goals.

  • Capacity for Risk

    In this area we consider factors such as your age, the percentage of assets being considered, other risks you are taking and your investment time frame.

  • Tolerance for Risk

    Your personal risk tolerance is determined by your ability to withstand short-term volatility without selling your investments (i.e. your “ability to sleep at night”). For this, we use a Risk Assessment Questionnaire, designed to measure the emotional response to changes in the value of your investments.


The chart below highlights the true importance of charges, by showing the impact of Annual Management Charges over time.

We show you the impact of charges, so that you understand the real and exact impact of charges on your long term investment and pension portfolio.

Neutral growth has been assumed so that the compounding effect of charges is readily apparent, and not obscured by investment returns over time (either positive or negative).

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